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Young Chef

Work 10 hours a week and make $1,500 a month.

Become a Personal Chef!

Now Hiring in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angles, and Houston Area 
Personal Image

- Chef Denise

Been with Pocket Chefs for 6 years!

“I really enjoy being able to set my own schedule, Pocket Chefs gives the opportunity to earn the extra money I need in my free time”

What Are The Perks?


Create a money making schedule around your existing work schedule.


Between 2-6hr work days.


Make up to $37 an hour each time you work.

How it Works!

A Pocket Chef is a personal chef who prepares meals for everyday local families in their homes.


We do the hard work and bring our customers to you!

Working from Home

Book A Session 

Clients book you for meal prep sessions, for a minimum of 2 hours a week

Professional Chef

Make the Meals

You're the expert here! Use your skills to prepare the perfect meals once a week.

On the Phone

Give A Consultation

Discuss the cooking needs of the family, the menu and the grocery list

Credit Card

Get Paid

Make between $25- $37 per hour!

Your money is deposited directly to your account

What People Are Saying

I can make about $1,500 a month and only work 10 hours a week!!!


Pocket Chefs also offers opportunities for management and ownership.

Chef Denise, Oakland

     Is Pocket Chefs For You?

We aren’t just looking for any kind of chef!

If you can answer yes to all these questions, you are an outstanding candidate to become a Pocket Chef and earn serious extra income and should apply.

Do you have a reliable car?

 We need to depend on you to get the customers home!


Do you have 5 years or more of culinary experience?

We want to have no doubt you will be able to provide excellent food.


Are you dependable? 

You’ll become an important part of a family's life flow and they need you to be consistent. We need chefs who are ready to commit to our customers


Are you an effective communicator?

Not only do you speak directly with customers but we need you to be a team player. Respond to the team as you would on a kitchen line!


Are you serious about changing your situation?

Whether you’re ready to leave the exhausting kitchen and catering life for a life of a personal chef or if you just want to gain a solid secondary source of income to get you to your money making goal. We can help you get there!

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